Yoga and diving – The perfect duo with many interesting things in common

Deep diving is known for being a bold and adventurous sport, while yoga is known for its tranquility and gentleness. It seems completely opposite, but in fact, the two subjects have a lot in common.

Yoga and scuba diving are really an interesting couple with many things in common that few people expect. Both disciplines work to build complementary skills. If you’ve learned to dive, learning more yoga will definitely help improve the technique. If you are a yoga addict, you will definitely enjoy diving.

Both yoga and scuba diving are tough challenges that require you to cross your boundaries and step out of your “safe” zone. This is exactly why these two disciplines become such a perfect couple.

If you love deep diving, you will not be too unfamiliar with one important safety rule, always pay attention to breathing. And this rule is, of course, also unfamiliar to yogis.

During the yoga practice, you will become familiar with pranayama exercises. These are breathing exercises that connect the body with the mind.

And at the same time help you control your mental and physical state through breathing techniques. Once you get used to the deep and slow breathing in yoga, you will build and develop skills to help keep you safe underwater.

Do yoga teachers regularly remind you not to hold your breath in difficult positions? This is a great reminder for those who love and are passionate about scuba diving. Usually, when we are underwater and when we are under pressure, we tend to hold our breath. However, if you hold your breath and forget to breathe evenly, you can easily get injured.

When you practice yoga, breathing correctly will help you use oxygen more effectively. This will be especially necessary when diving as it will help you less tired and use less underwater air.

It can be said that breathing control is paramount for those who enjoy and want to try diving. When less air is used, that means your diving time will be longer.