World record – “Fishman” dives 181 meters deep under the ice and snow

According to RT News, Russian diving player Alexey Molchanov has just set an unprecedented record. It is diving 181m deep under the ice in Moscow, Russia and setting a new world record in ice diving.

Molchanov held his breath for more than two minutes and then dived under the ice at the Ameryev quarry and returned safely to the ground. The whole process was recorded and Guinness world record book recorded.

This action is said to be very daring. When Alexey dives from the cut off the ice and uses only specialized diving suits and no other insurance equipment. This achievement of Molchanov goes far beyond the old record set by French diver Athur Guerin-Boeri in 2017.

This Guinness record means a lot to Alexey Molchanov. The Russian athlete wants to give this special memory to the famous mother, Natalia Molchanova. She was once called the “queen of free diving” and went missing in Spain in 2015 when performing a 130m deep dive.

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“I am very happy to have set a record after a 181m dive. It was the first Guinness record of my career and it came at the right time. The film about my mother’s life is ‘One Breath’ ‘is about to be released in Russia,’ Alexey said after setting a record.

A team of doctors and deep-diving specialists from France, who support Gabr in this mission by applying custom stress relief solutions. At the same time they used 60 compressed air tanks when returning.

After reaching a record depth, she took nearly 15 hours to swim to the surface of the water to avoid injury or health risks. She is a member of a special force, acting as a clone in underwater missions. She trained for 4 years and plans to dive to a depth of 350m.