There is a diving paradise in Bali island

Bali is famous for being a place filled with sparkling and vivid images. There are majestic breakfasts floating on the green swimming pools overlooking the vast nature. Did you know, this is also a paradise for scuba divers, for those who love the sea and the underwater world.

Clear and bright 30 meters of water view on the bottom of the black sand sea, the coast is stretched by black pebbles formed from the volcanic region. They make the sea water here very clear, very distinctive dark blue, look dark, but actually a special dark blue of volcanic waters.

Specifically, the Tulamben and Nusa Penida areas, where the island people check in at the dinosaurs’ spine. Then we explore the rocks where the shelter of dozens of Manta Ray – Ocean Stingray is on the seabed of the island.

The first day of diving is arbitrary diving up to a maximum of 5 dives. We had 4 shifts on the first day, the member who is tired should rest. Or if you have less experience with Open Water, you will not be able to participate in the night diving. All the diving shifts are done from shore.

Suci Palace diving spot is a must-visit exciting diving spot suitable for beginners to dive. Only about 20m from the shore poured out, depths from 7-20m, the area is placed with many Buddha statues, typical Indonesian temple models.

The diverse architectural blocks and concrete blocks become an urban area for coral, fish and marine species. The most abundant ones are the nests of anemone, small shrimp, sea slug, grouper, gold and silver dorsal fin fish, which are very lively and interesting.

The world-famous diving spot in this area is the US Naval Wreck Liberty. Divers can dive from shore and also snorkelers and freedivers who want to explore from different depths.