The skillful diving skills of the Thai Seal squad team

The Royal Thai Navy’s parody task force is trained in special underwater combat skills. That helped them overcome the narrow entrance in the cave to reach the team.

Two British divers and members of the Royal Thai Navy’s replica task force found the missing team. 12 students and safety coach at a high point about 400m from “Pattaya Beach”.

The Underwater Destroyer Unit (UDAU), the Royal Thai Navy was established in 1956, with the help of the Seal, US Navy. The unit is often called the Thai Seal squad.

ky nang lan dieu luyen cua biet doi seal thai lan

The Thai Seal squad of 144 members was carefully selected from the soldiers of the Royal Thai Army. They must undergo very rigorous training to ensure the ability to complete the task in any situation.

Physical strength is one of the top requirements for Seal squad members. They must be able to swim 500m in under 12 minutes 30 seconds, rest 10 minutes then swim again.

The next requirement is to push for 42 times under 2 minutes, crunch 52 times for a minimum of 2 minutes. Then they rest for 2 minutes and repeat the process.

After passing the physical tests, the Seal team members continued the training process in the field. They had to take with many assumed situations above and below the water.

The main task of the Seal task force is to conduct underwater operations. Therefore diving skill is one of the most important requirements for members. They must be able to hold their breath underwater for at least 2 minutes.

They must master the skills of underwater escape in tied limbs. Minimum training time for Seal team members is 8-11 months. Once they became members of the Seal squad, they still had to train regularly to hone their skills.

ky nang lan dieu luyen cua biet doi seal thai lan

In addition, they regularly hold joint training with the US Navy Seal squadron to exchange combat experience and skills.

The Seal team’s water skills have worked well in the search for the missing student team. They are the frontline forces probing potential entrances to the flooded cave system.

Seal team members and two British professional divers were the first to reach the trapped team position. However, getting the students out continues to be a big challenge for the Seal team and the rescue force.