The Philippines famous diving places in the world

Dubbed the country of thousands of islands, Philippines tourism is always the most attractive diving spot in the world. for tourists who love the natural sea scenery. The following famous Philippine scuba diving sites will help tourists easily select the appropriate Filipino tourist destination.

Apo Island is not famous for its beautiful scenery, but if you are passionate about exploring the rich and diverse marine world, this is one of the world famous Philippine scuba diving sites. With coral blocks of all colors and thousands of types of marine life, here is like a magic paradise underwater.

This attracts many divers every year. Coming here, you will not only see the beautiful underwater scenes but also visit the nature reserve on Apo Island to know more about the strange marine creatures underwater.

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Located in Palawan, Honda Bay is an impressive Philippines stop for tourists. White sand stands out with beautiful blue ocean water. Not only that, the new aquatic ecosystem is a special thing for visitors. With a long stretch of coral system and abundant marine species inhabiting.

Here you can rent a boat to fully admire the beauty of this island. Visitors can scuba dive to fully explore the aquatic beauty in this area. With over 600 species of fish, 360 types of corals, 11 types of sharks and 13 types of whales, Tubbataha Reef deserves recognition as a world natural heritage.

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Philippines diving destination that attracts many diving experts here every year. If you have the opportunity to visit the Philippines, this is a Philippine tourist destination you cannot ignore. Not only valuable in beauty but also this place is a place to preserve and preserve rare marine species.

The Malapascua Sea has almost no waves, the surface is calm and green and many reefs. This is a great place for fish to live, especially sharks with strange shapes.