The most basic diving techniques

Diving is one of the most basic human survival abilities in water. Knowing the basics of diving is the first step to diving your first lesson. Today’s article we would like to introduce you to the deep diving techniques for beginners.

Breathing is the activity that proves the existence of survival. So this is something we do every day. We can practice some cardio exercises like dig so we can train our breathing well.

If you want to hold your breath well, you must first learn to breathe in difficult environments such as swimming. However, when practicing swimming or diving, it is not like breathing normally, it is almost the opposite.

When swimming underwater, you must inhale through your mouth and exhale through the nose and mouth. Just open your mouth to take a breath, then exhale through your nose. Just do this in sequence to practice breathing. Then go into the water to perform the technique you learned.

Under water, breathing must be even to endure and swim for a long time. You practice like this, your breathing will get better and you will be able to hold your breath underwater for longer.

One of the basic diving techniques is the technique of holding your breath underwater. The longer you hold your breath, the better and the better you can dive.

To hold our breath for long, we need to be through our body’s reflexes. You also need to overcome your limits or worries. You must test yourself when in environmental water.

Normally, each person can hold their breath for 2 to 3 minutes. However, with some practice exercises to practice, the ability to hold your breath will be greater.

When diving, you need to try to exhale all the air in your lungs and eliminate all the stress in yourself. Once you are able to maintain your buoyancy, you can navigate underwater with ease.