Technique for controlling body float when diving

In the summer, many adventure lovers often choose to dive when going to the beach. Scuba diving not only requires proper breathing, but also practices a deep focus to control the body in floating waters.

Weightless control when scuba diving means to control your body’s buoyancy. Neither float nor tip down and can go in any direction you want with minimal effort.

To achieve this the diver needs to know his weight very accurately. The weight must match the equipment, the suit the diver wears and the water environment where he wants to dive.

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The ideal weight that a diver needs to achieve is when he is in the water in an upright position, the diver will float with his eyes just above the surface of the water. While the air tank is full and the lungs are full of air.

When floating in this way, the diver will begin to sink when he exhales. Breathing in from the regulator will set the diver back into position. Divers will never sink like rocks.

This simple test takes into account the amount of air that will be consumed when diving. At the end of the dive, an empty tank will be noticeable when the hit is full of lungs, chin and shoulders will be visible on the water.

When diving deeper and resurfacing, the air in the life jacket oxygen. And the wetsuit will also be compressed, expanding continuously, depending on the depth.

If there is a lot of air in the scuba, the diver will have to make extra air every time there is a change in depth. They do so to keep the neutral float relatively.

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Many people go scuba diving due to inexperience causing the body to swim not horizontally but to a semi-vertical upper body. This is explained by carrying too much steam, not enough air in the oxygen tank.

Many people swim in an upright position because most of the time they try to pedal their frogs to maintain depth rather than to go horizontally.

If the floating level of the diver is almost standard, then when swimming in the horizontal direction, if you want to have a body position in front of the guy standing, now the diver only needs to raise his head up.