Necessary diving equipment and tools (Part 1)

What you need to equip for scuba diving? Should you buy yourself a snorkeling mask or equipment? Going to the beach for many days, which accessories should be equipped?

To see and swim in the water comfortably and safely and also for your successful diving trip, you need some supporting items such as:

Diving suits

Used to float people when entering the water, on the other hand life jackets contain other effects such as avoiding bumps and scratches when waves hit you to rocks or corals. Diving jackets are designed to use bright colors that can be detected remotely to facilitate rescue work. Choose outerwear that fits the size and also pays attention to the weight of each person.

Scuba diving glasses

Used to observe underwater, helping divers to see the scenery below. Good glasses are glasses with a wide view, clear look, soft sugars, deep diving without water, long deterioration. Choose clear glasses with good impact resistance.

A pair of flippers

Helps maneuver quickly under water, when swimming far, diving deep. When swimming is partly due to the effect of water resistance and flow, if the flippers is not taken, it will quickly lose strength. Choose the flippers to fit your legs, if they are too tight which cause leg pain or too wide, they can fall off your legs an cause your legs tired. A good flippers that must have good ductility, durability, a high displacement force, comfortable swimming.

Diving knife:

Snorkeling knives are mainly used for cutting, digging, or digging. Do not consider scuba diving knives as a weapon. The purpose of using a knife during diving is when you are caught in a rope (possibly a fishing line, a rope that has broken or thrown away under the sea) is entangled or cannot be removed. At this time, use a knife that is worn at the foot or hand to cut the rope to exit.