Those who have become involved in wreck diving find it to be a most fascinating experience. There is always that aura of excitement for what may be discovered. It is also an activity which involves some skills. It is not something that the average diver just decides to do, and then goes about doing it.


Learning how to do basic diving is something that those new to diving have to commit to. The same applies to wreck diving. There is some training involved which ensures that the safety factors are learned and practised. Training will also help the individual to learn how to handle the extra equipment they will need, such as lines for example.

Beyond the Basics

Those who are going to wreck dive will need to perfect their buoyancy skills by practising them. Knowing how to work with the fins while in a wreck is also essential. Not knowing how to do this properly can stir up the environment and make it difficult to see.

Handling Penetration Points

Something else which has to be mastered is being able to get through openings and doors safely. It may mean having to turn 90 degrees to protect you from getting knocked on something or getting caught.

Know Your Capabilities

It is not hard to get quickly caught up in the excitement of the wreck dive and forget your limitations. Know what you are cable of and stick within your limits. Ideally, you should be experiencing this adventure with other experienced divers, who will help you to know what is within safe limits.

Remain Alert

The more wreck dives you do, the more comfortable you are going to become with the wreck surroundings. At no time, and no matter how many wreck dives you do, should you let your guard down. Being alert will help to keep you safe, and allow you to have a wonderful wreck dive experience.