How to choose a good and suitable snorkel for diving when there are so many different types of snorkels on the market.

The following article will provide some guidelines, key features to consider, making it easy and suitable for you whether you are snorkeling or scuba diving.

Also you need to understand that, basically, any kind of snorkel can be used with its right functions and tasks; is a device that helps you breathe when your face is underwater. However, different characteristics of different types of swimming goggles make breathing more comfortable and effective. It all depends on your personal preferences and how often you use the snorkel.

So as mentioned above, what are the things you need to consider when choosing a snorkel?

Comfort and fit

The mouthpiece of the snorkel should fit so that you can comfortably hold it. Silicone mouthpiece often makes you more comfortable. The snorkel also has a section for you to bite into your teeth to help keep the snorkel in your mouth, so you feel comfortable, no need to use too much force.

Length and diameter

If it is too short, the snorkel will immediately flood when you dive. If it is too long, it will be harder to breathe deeper and it will be difficult to blow air or water out of the snorkel. Similar to the diameter of the snorkel, the diameter of the snorkel is too big to make it harder to stop the water from the snorkel. Conversely, the narrower the diameter of the snorkel will make your breathe more difficult. Most new snorkels are the right size for people with average body shape.

Bulky degrees

The snorkel with more accessories is more cumbersome. This makes the snorkel more watery, can even entangle in many things when you dive. Although these great accessories may not be the best choice when you get into the water.