Scuba diving is an exciting hobby which allows you to go underwater and explore the world. You will have the opportunity to visit new places around the world that you have never seen before – such as tropical islands, fresh water lakes or even caves underwater.

It also gives you the opportunity to potentially meet new creatures – maybe animals you didn’t even know existed or that you have wanted to meet in the past but never got the chance to.

When you are going scuba diving, you are going for a longer period of time to explore the beautiful world underwater – however we can’t breathe underwater so you will be given scuba gear to breathe, see and move.

Use the scuba gear safely

While you are learning to scuba dive, you are not only learning how to dive, but you are also learning how to use the scuba gear safely and how to prevent and solve any problems if these happen to occur. It is very easy to learn how to dive – you can probably learn how to do this within 15 minutes but learning the safety precautions is a completely different story.

On completion of a scuba diving course, you will receive a recognised diving certificate that will allow you to dive anywhere you want in the world – however, your diving skills would be limited. For example, you would only be allowed to dive 20 metres, dive during the day and dive only with compressed air. By completing other courses you will have a bigger variety of the things that you are able to do. This means that you could explore the world more often and in various ways and dive even deeper than before.

Overall, scuba diving is more than just a hobby. It is an adventure and I would recommend that anyone should give it go. What’s the worst that can happen?