Equip knowledge before diving (Part 2)

Take a course on diving

After checking your physical health to be able to scuba dive, you should take part in a training course of knowledge, skills, and manipulation when you are underwater … If you have experience in swimming and diving it is not necessary to participate.

When diving underwater watch corals with different types of fish and sea creatures. A view of the beautiful ocean world sparkling and mysterious. Many times too enraptured that you can accidentally or intentionally contact some marine organisms that may have toxins that are dangerous to you, here are some marine creatures that near-shore divers encounter.


There are many types of jellyfish, some of which have toxins of no kind, it is best to meet them only to observe it should not be exposed to it.

Sea urchin:

As its name suggests, a creature that lives on rocks and coral reefs under water. They are less moving, often diving people do not pay much attention to stepping on them.

There are many types of spikes, long spines, short spines, different shapes and colors, but in general it is round, with the best spines that should not be grasped.


A colorful, microscopic fish are long spines that have very strong toxins that can cause numbness, difficulty breathing, even life-threatening if they are accidentally touched. They hide in coral reefs, in caves, rocks, corals. meeting them, just watching its beautiful paintings absolutely should not touch.

Other notes when diving

Absolutely comply with the rules, the guidance of the tour guide. Even if you have experienced diving, you should also start, dive before 5 minutes as a guide for safe diving.

You need to swim slowly, always dive with the team, do not dive alone, dive too deep to avoid cramps, oxygen deficiency … someone will know and help you.

Do not drink alcohol before diving. Drinking alcohol before diving will cause you to be dehydrated faster and easily cause unpredictable complications when pressure increases.

After reaching the shore to help with tinnitus, close your mouth, cover your ears and exhale gently with your nose.

You have to wait 24 hours after you dive to get on the plane for your body to recover, if you don’t have enough time, you should not go diving.