Equip knowledge before diving (Part 1)

Diving is a popular tourist activity, especially young people who love to explore the ocean. When deciding to explore the ocean with many interesting and unexpected things, the first thing we need to prepare for us is the basic knowledge to experience the diving experience smoothly.

The time should go diving

Choose a hot day or a cool day, it is important that the sea is not dynamic, meaning the wave is not big, the wind is not huge.

Another factor that decided to get an interesting snorkeling was the water to be in. Sometimes the weather conditions are ideal but the water is cloudy and scuba-visible.

Must ensure health before diving

If you have heart disease, high blood pressure … you should not experience diving activities. Going to the sea you will be under pressure, plus the psychology is a little worried, the health is not guaranteed, it is very easy to get tired and faint as soon as you are diving, the danger will lead to losing your life. So just scuba dive when you feel well enough.

Like other sports, you should not dive when you are too hungry or just full. Diving with an empty stomach will definitely make you extremely tired. In the meantime, diving at full time is easy to vomit. Therefore, the best time to participate in scuba diving activities is after eating about 1 hour.

In addition, you should only dive when the mood is very comfortable, avoid diving when you are afraid or have psychological instability. Diving when unrest can reduce flexibility when handling situations and lead to serious accidents.

Ensure psychological before diving

Why prepare psychology when diving? Because the ocean is so vast, where you can explore but there are dangers lurking, so you need to be mentally prepared and ready for your excursion to calm down, handling inadequate situations under the guidance of tour guides. If you are afraid, too much stress before going to the sea, tell the tour guide. if you don’t feel right, you can’t adjust your psychology, don’t go to the sea.  You will easily panic, cramp, fainting … when going to scuba diving.