Diving under the seabed – a unique experience

There are many methods of scuba diving to see corals and discover the mysterious life on the ocean floor. In particular, diving is a new activity and suitable for all audiences from old to young, even people who can not swim can experience. Feeling of walking at a depth of 2 – 5m with a hat as big as that of astronauts for direct contact with colorful and shaped coral reefs. And you can watch the colorful sea creatures surrounding you.

Conditions natural are extremely suitable for this activity. Therefore, the experience of watching coral reefs is a very unique activity that you must try. At a depth of 2 – 5m, the ocean floor as a treasure opens with countless kinds of sea creatures and colorful coral reefs.

Đi theo hành lang để đảm bảo an toàn cho bản thân và hệ sinh thái biển

If you scuba dive with a scuba or snorkel, you will have to breathe through your mouth. Sometimes you will find ringing in the ears due to the pressure of the flow, then diving under the seabed you can breathe through your nose as on land, freely roam the seabed and play with fish, shrimp, corals… They are like in the forest full of birds, fruits.

After registering to participate, you will have 20 minutes, including 2 – 5 minutes to get acquainted with the device and 15 minutes to visit and explore the seabed. The walkway to the bottom of the sea is built with a suitable distance so as not to affect corals and marine life. The guide will always follow you to watch the coral and feed the fish.

Dạo chơi dưới đáy biển với san hô, cá nhỏ, rùa biển…

In particular, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a rustic meal on a boat floating in the immense sea. Just enjoying delicious food and watching the sea and enjoying the cool sea breeze is nothing like it, right? Once you put on the diving cap, you will not hear any outside sounds, instead guess your mouth and use the instructions that have been instructed before you go into the sea.