Diving tips for beginners (Part 2)

4. Share with your fellow divers
Would you like to glean any tips from more-experienced people although you are new and an introvert. Just ask them because somewhere, they’re probably more than willing to share the lesson someone learned something the hard way so you don’t have to do the same.
5. Put on the wetsuit and wait
Understand your body. Put on a wetsuit  at the last minute if you get hot easily. The first time you used a wetsuit, you shoud put it on at the beginning of the 35-minute boat ride. You will feel like you spend 35 minutes in a sauna by the time you arrived. Then you wait until you are five minutes from the dive site.

6. Choose shops which offer dive guides
The shop provided a dive guide on the first two dive trips, which you thought was standard procedure. Maybe the shop did not provide a guide on your third trip,. The dive group consisted of you and your dive buddy with all of eight dives under your belt and a stranger who was completing after certification his first dive. To top it off, you were in some rough seas. It needless to say was not a pleasurable dive. You look for dive shops which provide a dive guide on every trip until you become more comfortable.
7. Become a great dive buddy
It’s great to go diving with your best friend or significant other, but there will be times when your dive buddy is a complete stranger. Before getting in the water get to know that person and build some rapport. It is believed that to be someone’s dive buddy is a great responsibility, if need be as they are counting for assistance on you. It is a comforting feeling knowing you have a true dive buddy.