Maldives archipelago constantly fascinates visitors with their pure beauty. After being greeted by fine white sandy beaches, clear blue sky and palm coconut ranges leaning in the wind. You will not be surprised when you first realize behind the romantic and lyrical picture that contains a magical beauty under the ocean, when visitors dive in the pure blue sea like Saphire stones in the Indian Ocean region.

The Maldives is located in the south of the Lakshadweep Islands in India, and is about 700km (435 mi) to the southwest of Sri Lanka. Twenty-six of the Maldives atolls surround a territory of 1,192 small islands and about two hundred of these have local communities. This is the most flat country in the world, with an average height of 2.3m compared to the sea level, so the possibility of the Maldives being submerged in the sea is very large because there are many lowest positions on the earth today.

At the resorts, there is a diving service (for both professional and non-professionals) through that you can watch coral reefs. Diving services include a tutorial session, facilities to ensure an enjoyable journey at a depth of only 1m. Under the mild year-round tropical sun, the diver will be ecstatic to admire a picture sketched by countless sea creatures that nowhere in the world can be found.

Visitors will float into the cool waters of the ocean and cannot believe that they can witness, touch or even listen to the movements and breathing of green turtles, white sharks and a variety of rare creatures in the world are covered in sprawling, colorful coral reefs that you think can only be viewed through pictures.

Each experience of visitors on a diving trip in the Maldives will become an unforgettable memory of an island nation in the middle of the sea. It is not too much to say that diving is one of the great specialties of “Maldives”.