Diving is a popular sport which is ever growing, and there are many sites around the world where you can pursue your passion.

Cape Kri Jaja-Ampat Indonesia

This location features a coral landscape rarely seen anywhere else in the world. It is an unspoilt habitat where you can see many varieties of fish such as barracudas, sharks and manta rays. It has many other species of sea-life and underwater plants which can be enjoyed during the dive.

Thistlegorm: Egyptian Red Sea

Dive up to a maximum depth of 29 metres and experience sunken Second World War wrecks containing various military memorabilia. These include trucks, trains and motorbikes. Look out for the famous moray eels which inhabit the wrecks. Night dives are also available.

Bora Bora French Polynesia

This resort features a pristine lagoon and the Tapu dive site, which is a great place to see all manner of sharks. There are up to 16 species of sharks in this water including white tips and hammerheads, amongst many other species. Within the lagoon, you can experience lots of tropical fish to keep your attention, and you can also see eagle rays.

Scapa Flow Orkney Islands

This is one of the United Kingdom’s favourite diving destinations, especially if you appreciate First World War shipwrecks. During the war, many ships were scuttled by the Germans in Scapa Flow, and most of the wrecks are still intact today. There are11 destroyers and battleships available to visit, and a combination of crystal green water pierced by shafts of sunlight make this a memorable experience.

The Drinking Dragon Burrock Rock Isle of Man

This is another popular diving site in the United Kingdom, situated off the Calf of Man’s southern tip. It contains a wide variety of gullies famous for their diversity of resident marine life including the ever popular seals. It is also noted for its large growths of dead man’s finger soft coral, which are a sight to behold.