Amazing destinations for diving (Part 3)

  1. Solomon Islands

Located at the East Pole Coral Triangle, Solomon Islands is a popular destination for those who like to swim. The popularity of this place stems from the fact that many ships were sunk in the South Pacific during World War II. But the Solomon Islands were also famous for their beautiful underwater scenery. You can find the beautiful coral reefs of the sea such as giant rays eagle, sharks, barracuda and bat fish on Uepi Island and Mary Island.

  1. Isla Holbox, Mexico

A secluded island outside Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, Isla Holbox is the world’s top destination for divers. Giant creatures are really harmless and friendly. During the summer months, whale sharks swim near the water and eat plankton. Divers can swim next to big fish – some of which can reach 18 meters (60 feet). They even can touch the fish without any fear of being attacked.

  1. Kona, Hawaii

If you like diving in the night and following the giant manta rays, Hawaii’s Kona Sea is the ideal place for you. The creatures here have their own names and live very long lives, even species up to 50 years old. The striking difference of the Kona Sea compared to other dive sites is the feeding area. That means, you can swim while watching these wonderful creatures enjoying their meals. There are 3 separate diving areas suitable for all levels, even for those who just want to snorkel.

  1. The great white wall, Fiji

The Great White Wall is an ideal diving site for those who love the vibrant colors of coral reefs. The coral here stretches to a depth of 30 meters with other countless marine creatures swimming around. The deeper you swim into this sea, the more you will discover other great areas, typically the Rainbow Reef. It will be a paradise for those who love the free scuba diving.