There are a lot of people who participate in diving on a professional level, but there is also an opportunity to do this as a hobby. For those who are thinking about engaging in this activity, this site is an excellent place to start, to gain more information as to what it is all about, and some other interesting factors.

Hobby Diving

We have provided some exciting posts here as an introduction to hobby diving. Some of the information will outline the basics of what this hobby is. Then, if you are not sure if this is something for you, perhaps the post we have on why you should consider it as a hobby, will help you with your decision making.

Where to Dive

Once you have become involved in diving, you will soon want to explore more options, as to where you can go for some great diving opportunities. You will be most pleased with the locations which we have covered here, that provides some great information on what many consider as the five best diving locations. Then, to add to this, there is more about great places throughout the world to enjoy diving activities. Don’t forget to check out your own region as well. You may be surprised to discover that there are some great opportunities to enjoy diving locally.

Wreck Diving

When you are ready to go beyond the basic diving activities, you may want to become involved in wreck diving. The posts we have here for you will help you to become more informed.

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